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Seminars – Success through qualification

Employees who are responsible for the chemical and technical processes during the different pickling methods need sound know-how in order to achieve perfect, professional results.

For Training pickling officers, we offer two-day seminars: The communication of a wide range of information and practical options reinforces expertise and improves qualifications.


Pickling - Professional and Innovative
10. + 11.10.2018, Brunswick

Contents about our two-day seminars:

Pickling Waster water and waster air
Basis seminar
  • Good reasons for pickling stainless steel
  • Choice of the ideal pickling duration
  • Achieve a good pickling quality
  • Maintenance of a pickling bath, pickling procedure
  • Practical exercises in electrochemical pickling
  • Proper handling with pickling chemicals
  • Legal obligations
  • Waste water treatment
  • Chemical principles
  • Limit of discharge
  • Measurement and gauging of the pH-value
  • Precipitating agent
  • Chemical decontaminant
  • Flocking agent
  • Exhaust air installation and treatment
  • Acid protection measure
  • Personal protective equipment, breathing protection
  • Corrosion protection for buildings and systems
  • Legal obligations
Additional seminar
  • Improvement of pickling quality
  • Chemical process of pickling
  • Pickling that is free from waste water
  • Pickling that is free from waste air
  • Calculating and decreasing costs for pickling
  • Calculating of a pickling acid compound
  • Neutralisation procedure
  • Precipitating and flocking agents and their effect
  • Measuring procedure of the pH-value: Function and gauging
  • Filtration procedure
  • Vacuum evaporation
  • Comparison of costs: Neutralisation – vacuum evaporation
  • System technologies: Charge procedure, conveyor procedure

In-house training

We also offer theoretical training with the topics “Pickling stainless steel” and “Surface technology” at the clients’.

A new division was formed?

Multiple employees should be trained competently for professional pickling in theory and practice or waste water, waste air and personal safety equipment?

New internal policies or statutory provisions need to be communicated and entrenched?

With precise regard on the demands, we train your employees – technically skilled and with a practical orientation for an ideal know-how concerning:

  • Industrial safety
  • Technical and chemical processes as well as
  • Economical and ecological high standards.

We are happy to develop an individual training concept for you and your employees. Just contact us.

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