Automated container-type Rotainer pickling systems

EUROBLECH – Hall 13, Stand H141

Higher process reliability, lower costs
Automated container-type Rotainer pickling systems

Braunschweig/Germany, 05 September 2018 – At EuroBLECH, the German company Siedentop will be showcasing its EU-patented systems forstainless steel pickling. These Rotainer pickling systems are computer controlled, which improves the pickling result while also saving resources. The systems are designed as closed containers and are emission-free.

Pickling is an essential process, yet it remains an inconvenient issue for many stainless steel processing companies. It is said to be toxic, environmentally hazardous, subject to tight restrictions as well as expensive. While these shortcomings do apply to traditional bath and spray pickling, modern pickling systems using the Rotainer principle avoid them entirely.

Siedentop’s Rotainer pickling systems are built as closed containers so that no toxic gases may escape into the ambient air. Consequently, there is no need for evacuation and cleaning of the air, which is a common obligation when applying conventional pickling methods.

Siedentop’s Rotainer system uses nozzles to spray bath pickling acid on the stainless steel parts to be processed. Even complicated surfaces and cavities are treated perfectly. Every processing step – from degreasing to pickling, passivation, rinsing, and air washing – are carried out as a fully automated programme. The computer-controlled pickling process saves time and ensures consistently high pickling quality. At the same time, the Rotainer pickling principle reduces the quantity of pickling agent. It requires a maximum of 900 litres of pickling agent. The Rotainer principle is also leading in terms of accident prevention: the Siedentop system works with nitric acid-free pickling acid. Operators do not come in contact with acid during the pickling process.

Siedentop will be presenting the Rotainer pickling system at the EuroBLECH exhibition in Hall 13 at Stand H141. EuroBLECH will be held from 23 to 26 October 2018 in Hanover. It is the world’s largest exhibition for the sheet metal working industry.

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