SMART Blue Rotainer® from Siedentop

SMART Blue Rotainer® - Our flexible pickling system with all the extras for automated pickling in acompact system

The SMART Line can be used for both automated and manual operation. The technical equipment is equipment to the premium level of our TOP Line. This system consists of one module sectioned into a pickling and engineering room.

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System size

The SMART Blue Rotainer® is available in the following sizes:

S 2.000 mm
M 4.000 mm
L 6.000 mm
XL 8.000 mm


  • Double wall
  • Nozzle system
  • Rail system
  • Rail waggon
  • Level-controlled pump sump
  • Automatic pickling
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Automatic passivating
  • Automatic degreasing
  • Automatic clear water rinse
  • Automated pickling tank
  • Automatic redox measurement and dosing
  • Automatic media heating
  • Manual spray pickling device
  • Manual pickling tank
  • Pickling table
  • Emergency shower
  • Outside installation
  • Waste water treatment system
  • (*optional)
SMART Blue Rotainer® - Anlage der Siedentop GmbH

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