MOTION+ xtra³ Blue Rotainer® from Siedentop

MOTION+ xtra³ Blue Rotainer® – Our conveyor system with a resource-conserving equipment

The MOTION+ xtra³ Blue Rotainer® includes an innovative conveyor belt function for all kinds of serial workpieces as well as a waste water treatment system. This Rotainer®-Line consists of a double-walled cell according to the federal water act with a pickling and conveyor module as well as an integrated section for the technical equipment.

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System size

The MOTION+ xtra³ Blue Rotainer® iis available in individually planned sizes adapted to the shape and state of the unpickled components:

Xtra³ special bespoke sizes to customer specifications are possible


  • Double wall
  • Nozzle system
  • Chain conveyor
  • Automatic pickling
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Automatic high-pressure cleaning
  • Automatic drying
  • Automatic air extraction and cleaning
  • Automatic redox measurement and dosing
  • Automatic media heating
  • Waste water treatment system
  • Automatic degreasing
  • Automatic passivating
  • (*optional)
MOTION xtra³ Blue Rotainer® von Siedentop

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