ECO Blue Rotainer® from Siedentop

ECO Blue Rotainer® – Our compact systems for small parts

The ECO Blue Rotainer® is perfect for automatic pickling of small parts. It is set up in a hall, a safety pan is also provided. This system consists of a pickling room and storage tanks for the pickling and passivation agent.

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System size

The ECO Blue Rotainer® is available in the following sizes:

S 1.300 mm
M 1.800 mm
L 2.300 mm
XL 2.800 mm


  • Double wall
  • Nozzle system
  • Rail system
  • Rail waggon (baskets)
  • Level-controlled pump sump
  • Automatic pickling
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Automatic passivating
  • Automatic degreasing
  • Automatic clear water rinse
  • Automated pickling tank
  • Automatic redox measurement and dosing
  • Automatic media heating
  • Manual spray pickling device
  • Manual pickling tank
  • Pickling table
  • Emergency shower
  • Outside installation
  • Waste water treatment system
  • (*optional)
ECO Blue Rotainer® - Kompakte Anlage für Ihre Kleinteile

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