Bath pickling systems from Siedentop

Bath pickling systems – the classic among pickling systems

AThe simplest and most established method of stainless steel pickling involves using of bath pickling tanks. Siedentop has also developed an impressive solution for this pickling method with environmental compatibility and making work easier in mind. The nitric acid-free pickling agent TOP-Acid pickling acid have many benefits:

  • The pickling baths have not to be coverd.
  • By the nitric acid-free pickling agent, no strong outgassing arise during the heating of the pickling bath.
  • No washing of room air about a special waste gas washing systems.
  • TOP-Acid pickling acid prevent the deposit of crystalline metal salt in the pickling liquid: The pickling acid can almost used unlimited.
  • No change of the pickling bath necessary.
  • The incurred waste water can be neutralised by lime milk.
  • It is not further nitrite detoxification necessary.

Pickling with quality and service

The bath pickling tanks we have developed have an automated redox measurement and dosing system to guarantee optimum oxidation potential. By filtration, the pickling agent is cleaned from pollution and scale at the same time. The conclusion: optimal and consistent pickling quality with low chemical consumption. Our in-company laboratory carries out an analysis of the pickling bath quality.

For bath pickling tanks with a volume of more than 1000 litres, approval is required in accordance with the Federal Immissions Control Act (BImSchG). We are happy to help customers and advise them on the application.

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