BASIC+ Blue Rotainer® from Siedentop

BASIC+ Blue Rotainer® – Our classic systems with variable equipment

The BASIC+ Blue Rotainer® offers variable basic equipment for professional, high quality pickling. The technical equipment can be designed for manual or automatic pickling to meet the customer’s requirements. This system consists of one transportable cell with a pickling and engineering room. Special sizes (Xtra³) are possible.

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System size

With an external width of 3.000 mm and an external height of 3200 mm, the BASIC+ Blue Rotainer® is available in the following sizes:

S 4.000 mm
M 6.000 mm
L 8.000 mm
XL 10.000 mm
Xtra³ special bespoke sizes to customer specifications are possible


  • Double wall
  • Nozzle system
  • Rail system
  • Rail waggon
  • Level-controlled pump sump
  • Automatic pickling
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Automatic passivating
  • Automatic degreasing
  • Automatic clear water rinse
  • Automated pickling tank
  • Automatic redox measurement and dosing
  • Automatic media heating
  • Manual spray pickling device
  • Manual pickling tank
  • Pickling table
  • Emergency shower
  • Outdoor installation
  • Waste water treatment system
  • (*optional)
BASIC+ Blue Rotainer® mit variabler Ausstattung

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