Pickling products from Siedentop

Pickling products from Siedentop

TOP-Acid pickling acid

The nitric acid-free, water-soluble Siedentop product TOP-acid pickling acid can be used both in Rotainer® systems and conventional bath pickling tanks, the benefits are ...

... economical:

  • No deposits of crystalline metal salts in the pickling fluid: The pickling acid can be used with nearly no restrictions. Replacing the pickling tank is no longer required.
  • Considerably reduced wear in the pickling tank, pipes and fittings.
  • The reduced use of this pickling agent in Rotainer® systems can save up to 70 percent of costs for special waste disposal.

... and ecological:

  • The acid vapours from the nitric acid-free Siedentop pickling agent TOP-acid pickling acid can be simply rinsed out of the air after pickling and the air thus washed with no exhaust gases. The air does not need to be extracted in an exhaust air wash tower.
  • Emission-free pickling is possible closed systems.
  • There are no nitrous gases produced when the pickling bath is heated. The immersion pickling tanks no longer need to be covered.
  • The complex detoxification process involved in pre-treating the waste water is no longer required, as there are no nitrates or nitrites contained in the water. Neutralisation involves adding lime.

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