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Family-run Siedentop based in Braunschweig has a tradition of innovation. Since 1986. Bundling the powers of industry and innovation: Right on the pulse of the research hub that is Braunschweig and near to the exhibition city of Hanover and VW city of Wolfsburg, we have become established as the technical market leader in the stainless steel and surface technology sector.

The enterprise Siedentop

Our EU-patented technologies

Our EU-patented technologies for pickling methods set the standards in Germany and around the globe. For over 30 years, the company has focused on environmental and economical optimisation.

Automated processes to reduce time and resources plus emission-free pickling systems with minimal chemicals are the innovative unique selling point of our Siedentop Rotainer® technology. This is confi rmed by the fact our Rotainer® pickling systems won the “Best of” category in the INDUSTRIEPREIS award for companies with a high economical, social, technological and ecological benefit and was nominated for the German environment award and the Grand Prize for medium-sized companies.

Against the backdrop of global pollution and the international challenge of reducing emissions, we position ourselves as an experienced, capable partner for responsible metal processing companies wishing to act in a sustainable way.


Planning and custruction

The planning and construction of our individual pickling systems is “Made in Germany” while transport, on-site assembly and specific training of company employees take place all over the world. In accordance with our “Services without (Country-) borders”: It is possible as a wish to do a computer-controlled attitude or program change per remote maintenance module easy and fast from our German central. Our certified plastic welders and electricians also carry out maintenance and repairs at our customers location.

As a TÜV-monitored operation

We offer our customers as a TÜV-monitored business and member of the information place Edelstahl Rostfrei (ISER) reliable professionalism and innovative quality.

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The Siedentop team

Our specialists and manager strengthen again and again the quality of our pickling systems and our service with technical competence, 100 percent commitment and motivated conviction. We like to introduce our “successful recipe”: our Siedentop team

Friedrich-Werner Siedentop


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Technical management | Authorised officer

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